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Back Yard Pool Party Summer Entertainment Ideas | Elite Sales Group

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More InfoBackyard Summer Entertainment Ideas

When it comes to entertaining outdoors, there's no place quite like your very own backyard.  Many friends, co-workers and families enjoy the warm summer weather by spending as much time outside as possible, and one way of doing that is by making it a fun place to be. The Elite Sales Group Real Estate Team joins in this summertime ritual each year with a annuel summer pool and BQ party. 


Get Out Your Grill 

The smell of a freshly grilled hot dog or hamburger… the unmistakable taste of a meal that's been prepared outdoors… the excitement of getting together with family and friends for a barbecue… these are all things that you are sure to enjoy and, if you really want to get things cooking, you will get out your grill and cook up something that your entire family will love. 

A cookout is a fantastic idea for summer entertainment, which means it is perfect for both small and large groups.  Whether you prefer a quiet dinner with your family or you want to make your outdoor grilling adventure into a party by inviting your friends from the neighborhood, outdoor grilling is a fun way to make use of the summer heat. 

Host A Pool Party 

If you have a pool in your backyard, there's no better time than summer to put it to use.  When the sun comes out and the temperature heats up, a pool party is the perfect way to spend the day cooling down.  Before you start picking out your swimsuit, make sure that the pool is properly cleaned and ready for guests.  In addition, make sure that there are flotation units for those who need a little help in the water and towels for everyone to dry off when they step out. 


Hosting a pool party also means having something to eat and drink for your guests.  Whether you've planned lunch or just a light snack for everyone, make sure that you have something on hand to curb those cravings.  If you're inviting children over for a pool party for the youngsters, make sure that you have their parents' permission beforehand. 

Sports Fun 

Believe it or not, many South Florida and world wide homeowners enjoy setting up a backyard sporting event and inviting everyone to join in.  Whether it's The World Cup Soccer Finals , volleyball, horseshoes or just a friendly game of basketball, there's no better court than home court.  If you plan to create a sporty atmosphere, make sure that you have plenty of water on hand for everyone to drink.  It's also important to refrain from playing when the sun is at its peak, which is typically in the early to mid-afternoon hours.  Instead, wait until it cools down before heating up your backyard with some friendly sporting competition. 

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